Useful software you may download and use. All the programs are either shareware or freeware. We include in this collection utilities written by ourselves and those provided by others that you may find useful when viewing this site or working with us.
A utility written by Boa Systems for cleaning up the filing system on your computer. Free to download.

For general viewing of the site and the various related downloadable documents we recommend the following:-

The Adobe Acrobat viewer for reading documents presented in the form of a book of printed pages.

The Cosmo Software VRML viewer for inspecting and manipulating 3-D models.
A handy file compression/decompression utility for extracting files that have been zipped into a compressed format to reduce download times.
In addition to the above our clients may wish to acquire the following utilities to allow them to inspect data that we issue to them for informational or approval purposes.
The UGS Solid Edge viewer (SmartView) which will allow viewing of both 2-D drafting files and 3-D part and assembly models generated with the Solid Edge mechanical design software.
If you only require viewing and printing of 2-D drafting files in Autodesk's DWG and DXF formats their Volo View Express product will be useful.
To view the output from our circuit board design software you will need a Gerber file viewer. GC-prevue is widely used throughout the circuit board manufacturing industry to inspect data before bare board manufacture.
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