Extra Characters from your PC keyboard

From time to time you may need to use characters that are not readily available on the keyboard. You can use the character map utility, if it is installed on your machine, to access the extra characters that are available in most fonts. But for regular use you can avoid this if you know the character code of the required symbol.

To insert a character using the code simply hold down the key and type in the number using the numeric pad starting with a 0.

After typing the full code number release the key and the relevant character will be inserted.

Here are a few useful characters that appear in most of the western fonts.

+ ... Ellipsis
+ £ GB Pound sign
+ ¥ Yen sign
+ 1/4 Quarter symbol
+ 1/2 Half symbol
+ 3/4 Three quarters symbol
+ × Multiplication sign
+ ÷ Division sign
+ ² Square (superscript 2)
+ ³ Cube (superscript 3)
+ ° Degree symbol (superscript o)
+ ± Tolerance symbol (+ over -)
+ Ø Diameter sign (slashed circle)
+ © Copyright symbol
+ ® registered trade mark symbol
+ Trade mark symbol (superscript TM)


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