Insulation Groups to VDE 0110

This standard provides classification of equipment dependant upon its application and the performance of its insulation. The classification takes into account environmental factors such as dust, dirt, humidity and condensation that may affect the insulation. It also considers the affects of ageing.

The classification also takes into account the effects of damage resulting from failure of the insulation's performance and of flashover voltages.

Group Description
A0 Low powered equipment sited in air conditioned or a clean and dry environment or otherwise protected in a suitable manner.
A short circuit will not cause excessive overheating.
A Equipment sited in air conditioned or a clean and dry environment and suitably protected.
B Equipment housed in living rooms, offices, stores and similar premises. This includes laboratories, medical rooms, control rooms and precision engineering workshops.
C Equipment used in commercial, industrial or agricultural workshops and unheated stores. This includes plant rooms & boiler houses and also includes equipment fitted to machine tools.
D Equipment fitted to vehicles and rolling stock and thus exposed to damp conditions including condensation, rain and melting snow.
Conductive dust (such as from unenclosed braking mechanisms) is another hazard covered by this classification.


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