"Boa Systems Goes 3-D"
PR 99-03
 9 August 1999
Boa Systems provides independent design expertise to a diverse range of industries such as consumer product design, factory automation and motor sport. Our customers expect high quality results and the company has always used leading edge CAE tools to deliver its services. We saw an opening in the market that our services could fill and it was felt that a 3-D modelling product could offer us a key advantage.

Time is expensive, and once the decision to go 3-D was made a survey of the current CAD products was carried out. We looked at over two dozen products in under 6 weeks. Solid Edge was one of the first we saw, and impressed so much that it became the standard against which the competition was judged. We short-listed 5 products, they could all do the job. The final decision was difficult but Solid Edge appeared best suited to the way we worked.

It can certainly do the job. We proved that by completing an electronics packaging exercise within 7 days of receiving the software (and that's before training). This exercise also proved the software's productivity and that it would still be useful after a long break from using it. The latter was very important as some of our tools will lay idle for several weeks between uses, especially on large complex projects where mechanical design may only be a minor role.

Another advantage of Solid Edge was that it enabled us to show the customer (and the factory) at Barric Ltd exactly what the product would look like and how it would be built before they had even ordered the parts for the prototypes. The illustrations can easily be e-mailed or incorporated into a web page, which will save us travelling time and costs, even if it does mean we'll get lazy.

A complex piece of software like Solid Edge will require support from time to time. It's at these times that a good supplier will come into their own. Both Cutting Edge and Unigraphics have acquitted themselves well from the initial discussions. Now we have Solid Edge in place, Cutting Edge have been there to answer the few questions that have arisen. We feel confident that when they cannot deal with a problem directly, or are unavailable, then Unigraphics will be there as an extra level of support. This is important to us as some of our customers do expect us to work long hours to meet tight schedules. At the end of the day there's no prizes for anyone who fails to get to the grid, never mind the end of the Grand Prix.

Our thanks to Barric Ltd of Diss, electronic manufacturing engineers, for allowing us to use their project as an example

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