"Boa assists with Penguin Census"
PR 99-04
10 November 1999
Everyday, people encounter problems as they go about their normal business. Engineers like Jonathan Smith at Boa Systems can solve many common problems. The solutions provided by these independent designers can be as diverse as the problems themselves. "We often get requests to solve some novel problems, but even I was surprised when asked to design a machine to count penguins", says Mr Smith. By applying the same skills that Boa Systems use to design parts for racing cars the company has recently shipped just such a machine to the Falkland Islands for use by the New Island South Conservation Trust. The machine, a combination of electronic and mechanical components, was developed entirely in-house. By using the latest Computer Aided Design tools the company was able to show the customer in the Falkland Islands, via the Internet, exactly what the fully weather proofed product would look like. Review of the CAD models allowed customer approval for the design to be agreed before any manufacture commenced. This in turned saved valuable days and permitted delivery to be achieved before the start of the breeding season. If you have a problem that needs an engineering solution Boa Systems can be contacted on 07000-262000.


The illustrations below are available as JPEG files suitable for publication. You may obtain these illustrations by downloading the file pr99-04.zip (145 KBytes), which also contains the above text.


3D computer aided design model of the Wildlife Counter developed by Boa Systems to count penguins in the Falkland Islands.
An exploded view of the Wildlife Counter developed by Boa Systems.
A 3D computer model illustrating the sensor arrangement used to count penguins.

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