"Roseland Hydronics to Launch New Disinfection System "
PR 00-02
27 September 2000
With hydrotherapy pools and Jacuzzis becoming more popular the concerns about water borne disease are also becoming greater. Fortunately news stories about mass outbreaks of legionella and other life threatening diseases are rare. This is largely due to improved hygiene practises by water companies and the operators of facilities like swimming pools. However some of the disinfection techniques, such as chlorination, have unpleasant side effects and are not suitable for smaller users. Roseland Hydronics are leaders in Silver Ion Disinfection, a technology originally developed for the NASA space programme. This will effectively neutralise many diseases without using unpleasant chemical treatments and without the need to heat the water to high temperature. Silver Ion treatment is also cheaper and requires less maintenance than some other treatment methods. Having identified this emerging market for their products Roseland sought to develop a new control unit. But they were faced with a problem. The company's traditional mechanical and electrical engineering skills did not extend to the detailed knowledge of electronic systems required by the concept of their new product. The solution was to outsource this work to Boa Systems of Diss. By working in partnership the two companies have now developed a new control unit suitable for smaller installations and domestic users. This unit will also replace their older style units in many traditional applications. The new Silver Ion Controller is due to be officially launched at the Swim Show 2000 in December at Sheffield. Further information is available from Roseland Hydronics on 01379-674412.

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