" Keeping the Traditional Cider Flowing "
PR 03-01
5 Nov 2003


When Whin Hill Cider had a problem with their apple press they, like most companies, found a simple work-around to keep production flowing. Unfortunately this involved manually operating a switch throughout the duration of processing the raw apples, so automation was required.

Having had some difficulty in finding an engineer prepared to take on the apparently simple task they eventually contacted Boa Systems, just as their season was starting. After a brief discussion, to establish the details of the problem, work commenced. Apart from the obvious requirement of automating the manual operation the module had to be easy and quick to install and be able to cope with the production line environment, including the periodic wash-downs that occur in the food industry. The company was able to design and supply a suitable module in just 16 days.

The unit has freed one member of staff from operating the apple press making him available for more productive tasks.

For further information about the services on offer please contact Boa Systems on 07000-262000.

The illustration below is available as a JPEG files suitable for publication. You may obtain this illustration by downloading the file pr03-01.zip (551 KBytes), which also contains the above text.


The completed Auger Timer as supplied to Whin Hill Cider.
Another view of the Auger Timer as supplied to Whin Hill Cider.

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