Although we take an active role in manufacturing issues we do not actually manufacture at Boa Systems. We prefer to focus our efforts on what we are good at, designing products for manufacture. We can transfer our design work to your own manufacturing team or we can source suitable capability on your behalf. In either case we provide support for manufacturing related issues not just at the initial induction phase, but also throughout the products lifetime.

For small to medium batch jobs we usually recommend our production partners at Barric Ltd. We have many years experience of working with Barric on both conventional and surface mount assemblies. Their factory has a comprehensive range of facilities from board assembly through to final assembly of quite sizable electro-mechanical products.

As part of our commitment to a complete service we also undertake the design, manufacture and installation of test equipment specifically tailored to the needs of your products, whether designed by ourselves or others. Test equipment such as this can significantly cut the time and complexity of production testing. This in turn lowers cost of manufacture and improves profitability.

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